STOVE BUNDLE 18 Peanut 5 Contemporary 5KW

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The Peanut range features all-cast-iron construction for maximum heat-retention and ultra-clean-burning, by keeping the belly of the fire hot even during ‘low & slow’ burning.

Cast Iron construction also makes for an extremely rugged stove with long life. The compact Peanut-5 – Rated at 5kW it can heat a decent sized room easily, with easy variable output between 1.5 and 5kW. It’s viewing window is huge for a compact stove! 'Peanut-5' – can fit a ‘standard small’ UK chimney opening of 16” wide. – This can make some installations so much simpler and easier – rarely would any building/ alteration work need to be done even with a small chimney opening.
Poujoulat high quality 904 L Liner kit
Carbon alarm
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