Poujoulat Clip Flex Adaptor One Ø Change

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Poujoulat Clip Flex Adaptor One Ø Change

Poujoulat RF EM Adaptor connects a Poujoulat 316 or 904 grade liner to a reduce diameter Poujoulat Premium enamel stove pipe. 

The Poujoulat RF EM Adaptor features a clamp to secure the connection between the flexible flue liner and the flue pipe. 

The Poujoulat RF EM adaptor for 5" flue systems has specific flue diameter of 125mm flexible flue liner to a 130mm diameter flue pipe - this may not be suitable to use with other flue pipe brands. 

For a full flue system quote please call us. 

The RF EM Adaptor has a 175mm long spigot which is beneficial when used with a Poujoulat register plate / closure plate providing up to 100mm pipe adjustment making installation easier. This also makes it easier to disconnect the stove without disturbing the whole flue system to meet buidling regulations. 


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