Local authorities and housing associations


Retrofit Stock Analytics (RSA) service is for local authorities supporting climate emergency and carbon reduction plans.

ERE provides a Retrofit Stock Analytics (RSA) it is a perfect way to identify from a fabric first approach those buildings that will benefit most and those eligible for Grants ad help to get crucial support to residents who need it most.

Basing your strategy off the energy characteristics of the buildings within your region, such as building fabric, property age, insulation and heat demand to allow you to make the best impact with your grants.

We can include a connect platform and Ecosystem allows a unique ability to remotely monitor, manage and maintain housing stock data to ensure all information required to make the right decisions on properties 

  • save time and resources understanding your local housing stock
  • support households based on actual home energy characteristics
  • plan for improving the energy efficiency, EPC and SAP scores of homes
  • identify potential for low carbon retrofitting
  • higher resident engagement based on their energy issues
  • identify homes most likely to be suitable for funding incentives,