Fuel poverty is often associated with the elderly, however it is becoming an increasing problem for more and more households, especially those with children and young adults.

It has become a struggle due to pay the rising costs of utility bills.

These householders are often at home more, however now with more and more people working from home, keeping your home warm for extended periods of time is increasing energy costs.




By installing adequate levels of insulation and upgrading heating systems we can improve the energy efficiency of the nation’s housing stock, reduce the cost of utility bills and lift households out of fuel poverty.

An energy efficient home can be heated adequately and affordably throughout the year and will help to maintain a healthy living environment for its occupants. Fuel poverty occurs when, in order to heat the home to an adequate standard of warmth, a household needs to spend more than 10% of its total income on fuel. 

It is estimated that across the UK 6.9 million households live in fuel poverty and a total of 20.7 million homes fall below energy efficiency standards.

ERE wants to see Fuel Poverty eradicated.  Living in a cold house increases the risk of flu, chest infections and other respiratory problems. 

Rising domestic energy costs can be a cause of well-being in particular to those who a re elderly or living with long term health conditions with many unable to afford to put their heating on. Lets change this together!