An EPC will list ways to improve your rating and give indicative costs. These improvements will help you, your buyer or your tenants save on bills, and lessen the environmental impact of the property.

Common recommendations include:

  • Insulation for your floor, roof, loft or walls. Better insulation reduces the need for heating, thereby lowering your energy bill.
  • Double glazing: windows keep in significantly more heat when they're double-glazed, again reducing the need for heating. 
  • Solar panels: these produce cheaper, greener energy. 
  • Low-energy lighting: a smaller change that involves no structural alteration, using low-energy light bulbs is a cheap, easy way to lower energy bills.

The certificate will also include: 

  • the potential cost of undertaking these improvements, and the typical saving over a three-year period;
  • the estimated costs of heating, lighting and hot water after improvements are made;
  • total potential savings, and the energy performance rating you might receive after making improvements to your home.