The (BUS) is scheduled to arrive in April 2022. 

It’s aim is to help homeowners in England and Wales with affording the upfront costs of air source and ground source heat pumps (ASHP/GSHP).

Who is eligible for BUS?

Here are some of the key eligibility criteria to help you check if you’d be covered:

  • The property in question must be in England or Wales
  • All homeowners, small landlords and private landlords will be eligible to apply
  • Self-build homes will be eligible
  • ASHP’s and GSHP’s will be eligible. Biomass boilers will be eligible but with additional conditions applied

What won’t be covered by BUS?

  • Any home outside England or Wales
  • New build developments
  • Social housing properties
  • Hydrogen boilers and Hybrid Heat Pumps (e.g. where a boiler and a heat pump are used in combination)